Research Assistant Position

Research assistant wanted for a project dealing with the creation of online digital corpora. Applicants must have working knowledge of Python and experience working with HTML, PDF and TXT files. The work involves web scraping, converting between different file formats, text cleaning and preparing files to be uploaded to the project website. Background in International Relations or natural language processing is an advantage. For more details, please contact Efrat Miller –

לפרויקט יצירה של קורפוסים ממוחשבים דרוש.ה עוזר.ת מחקר עם יידע בפייתון ונסיון בעבודה עם קבצי HTML, PDF ו-TXT. עיקר העבודה – הורדה של מסמכים מהאינטרנט, המרה בין פורמטים, ניקוי קבצי טקסט והכנה להעלאה לאתר הפרויקט. יתרון לרקע ביחב”ל ועיבוד שפות טבעיות. לפרטים נוספים והגשת מועמדות אנא פנו לאפרת מילר

Deep Learning expert to support data science research at Bar-Ilan University

Job Description

Bar-Ilan University, is a world leader in the field of data science and artificial intelligence. Bar-Ilan is setting up a computing environment, designed specifically for deep-learning research which is based on NVIDIA’s flagship DGX-1 computers and will be the largest of its kind in academia in Israel. The institutional computing environment will support a large number of faculty members and grad students from across Bar-Ilan.

To take proper advantage of the unique GPU-based supercomputer, we seek prospective candidates for a new position expected within several months, concerned with supporting the research that depends on the new hardware.  The candidate we are seeking has to have a PhD degree in a relevant field, with good knowledge of the latest deep learning working environments.

The main responsibilities of the candidate include:

  1. Optimize the integrated hardware system for various use-cases, taking into account dependencies and interactions between algorithms, software, drivers and hardware.
  2. Advise researchers about state-of-the-art platforms, tools and development processes in deep learning, including advising individual research projects regarding deep-learning code development and optimization.
  3. Support the large amount of researchers who will be using the computational environment. Involving,  as needed, the support of the Bar-Ilan Computing Center or the 3rd party provider chosen to setup the environment (TeraSky).
  4. Training researchers on how to properly use the computational environment including use of queuing systems, containers, GPU enabled code etc. In addition to training, job will involve teaming with researches with hands-on sessions to help write and adopt their code to a GPU based shared environment, including leveraging the DGX properties.
  5. Support of porting and optimization of existing HPC code to a GPU setting.
  6. Ongoing monitoring of the system and its utilization. Identifying bottlenecks in the system and groups or individuals who are not utilizing the hardware properly. Configuration and enhancement of the working environment and its interfaces as needed to support usage needs.


In this position you will be working in a leading research institution on an advanced computational environment and will be able to make a significant contribution to the most recent research in the field.

Required Qualifications

  • A PhD in a relevant field
  • Knowledge of deep learning algorithms and frameworks  
  • Familiarity with queuing systems, containers and GPU enabled code
  • Expert level python coding skills
  • Excellent communication and support skills
  • Passion to work in an academic research setting


Contact for details.

Application deadline: Feb 28, 2019.