DSI Outstanding Publication Award Winners

Arie CattanComputer SciencePHDIdo DaganACL 2023From Key Points to Key Point Hierarchy: Structured and Expressive Opinion Summarization
Ariel AlexiInformation ScienceMSDr. Ariel Rosenfeld, Dr. Teddy LazebnikComputational EconomicsMicrofounded Tax Revenue Forecast Model with Heterogeneous Population and Genetic Algorithm Approach
Avi CaciularuComputer SciecnePHDProf. Ido Dagan, Prof. Jacob GoldbergerACL 2023Peek Across: Improving Multi-Document Modeling via Cross-Document Question-Answering
Avinoam BlumGraduate School of Business AdministrationPHDDr. Alon RavivFinance Research LettersThe effects of the financial crisis and Basel III on banks’ risk disclosure: A textual analysis
Aviv NavonEngineeringPHDProf. Gal Chechik, Dr. Ethan FetayaICML 2023Equivariant Architectures for Learning in Deep Weight Spaces
Aviv ShamsianEngineeringPHDProf. Gal Chechik, Dr. Ethan FetayaICML 2023Auxiliary Learning as an Asymmetric Bargaining Game
Bnaya GrossPhysicsPHDProf. Shlomo HavlinEPL (Europhysics Letters)Improving robustness of spatial networks via reinforced nodes
Danit Abukasis-ShifmanEngineeringMSDr Gonen Singer and Prof Izack CohenEngineering Applications of Artificial IntelligenceAn adaptive machine learning algorithm for the resource-constrained classification problem
Dr. Goutam ChoudhuryDepartment of Geography and EnvironmentPost-DocDr. Tom GorenESSD (Earth System Science Data)A first global height-resolved cloud condensation nuclei data set derived from spaceborne lidar measurements
Gideon FreundMathematicsMSProf. Sarit KrausICML 2023A Coupled Flow Approach to Imitation Learning
Idan AchituveFaculty of EngineeringPHDDr. Ethan Fetaya, Prof. Gal ChechikUAI 2023Guided Deep Kernel Learning
Itzik DavidThe School of Business AdministrationPHDProf. Roy GelbardSSRN (Social Science Research Network)Does Agile Methodology Fit All Characteristics of Software Projects?
Jonathan SvirskyEngineeringPHDDr. Ofir LindenbaumNeurIPS 2022Discovery of Single Independent Latent Variable
Miriam Shirel KarmonLife SciencesPHDProf. Erez LevanonJournal of Investigative DermatologyAltered RNA Editing in Atopic Dermatitis Highlights the Role of Double-Stranded RNA for Immune Surveillance
Natalie ShapiraComputer SciencePHDProf. Yoav GoldbergECIR 2023Evaluating Humorous Response Generation to Playful Shopping Requests
omer goldmanComputer SciencePHDProf. Reut TsarfatyTACLMorphology Without Borders: Clause-Level Morphology
Omri SuissaInformation SciencePHDProf. Maayan Zhitomirsky-Geffet, Dr. Avshalom ElmalechJournal on Computing and Cultural HeritageAround the GLOBE: Numerical Aggregation Question-Answering on Heterogeneous Genealogical Knowledge Graphs with Deep Neural Networks
Orel BabayoffGraduate School of Business AdministrationPHDProf. Onn ShehoryJournal of Medical SystemsImproving Hospital Outpatient Clinics Appointment Schedules by Prediction Models
Osnat DrienComputer SciencePHDDr. Yael AmsterdamerSIGMOD 2023Query-Guided Resolution in Uncertain Databases
Ron EliavComputer ScienceMSProf. Ido DaganCogSci 2023Query-Guided Resolution in Uncertain Databases
Roni Cohen-FultheimLife SciencesPHDErez LevanonFrontiers in EndocrinologyADAR1-dependent editing regulates human β cell transcriptome diversity during inflammation
Royi LachmyComputer SciencePost-DocProf. Reut TsarfatyTACLDraw Me a Flower: Processing and Grounding Abstraction in Natural Language
Sapir IsraeliMathematicsPHDProf. Yoram LouzounFrontiers in ImmunologyTrans-population graph-based coverage optimization of allogeneic cellular therapy
Shauli RavfogelComputer SciencePHDProf. Yoav GoldbergACL 2023Linear Guardedness and its Implications
Sunanda Biswas MukherjeeFaculty of MedicinePHDDr. Milana Frenkel-MorgensternFEBS Open BioSeasonal UV exposure and vitamin D: association with the dynamics of COVID-19 transmission in Europe
Valentina PyatkinComputer SciencePHDProf. Ido Dagan, Prof. Reut TsarfatyACL 2023ClarifyDelphi: Reinforced Clarification Questions with Defeasibility Rewards for Social and Moral Situations

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