Computing Services

The Data Science Institute (DSI) at Bar-Ilan University operates an advanced computing cluster tailored for its members with a special focus on GPUs for deep learning computing. The DSI cluster comprises more than 50 compute servers, with over 150 GPUs, central storage solutions, a VM cluster, and a dedicated High-Performance Computing (HPC) environment. These resources are made accessible to the Bar-Ilan faculty members and their graduate students across all research disciplines. 

Key computing services offered by the DSI include:

  • GPU Servers for AI and Deep Learning: Access various GPU server configurations designed to accommodate AI models and deep learning tasks.
  • CPU Servers for Computing-Intensive Tasks: Leverage both physical and virtual CPU servers optimized for computationally intensive tasks.
  • Central Storage Solutions: Securely store home directories, lab directories, public datasets, and temporary working data.
  • Custom Laboratory Environments: Create diverse and tailored laboratory environments to suit specific research needs.
  • Efficient Resource Management: Utilize our scheduling system for streamlined management of GPU resources and compute jobs.
  • Professional DevOps\MLOps Services: Access expert assistance in the areas of DevOps, MLOps, and more.

Experience the convenience and power of our computing services through the DSI Store (HREF to internal page), where you can easily purchase the computing resources listed above.

In 2024, we are implementing a resource management and sharing system by RunAi. This system allows cluster members to share resources, which will lead to significantly boosting GPU utilization.

Take advantage of our cutting-edge infrastructure and enhance your research capabilities with the Data Science Institute’s exceptional computing services. Join us on the forefront of scientific discovery and technological innovation!