Data Services

The DSI has established a Data Science Team, which provides AI and Data Services projects targeting Industry customers and RA Data Science work within the Bar-Ilan campus. 

We primarily focus on analyzing and delivering Data Science solutions leveraging our expertise and backing from leading academy researchers in Bar Ilan.

As an institute we aim that our services will be focused but not limited to:

     Machine Learning, AI Services and models

     Data Analytics Services

     Data Consulting and Advisory Services

     Data Integration Services

Our main AI Areas of Focus are:

                   Natural Language Processing (NLP)



Leverage Technologies:

     Bringing the power of LLM and generative AI (genAI) to tackle industry challenges.

     Use advanced models and capabilities to place DSI as a hub of knowledge in using these tools


We collaborate with top BIU AI researchers and labs in the above fields, including and worth mentioning:

     BIU NLP – ranked 5th in CS Rankings Europe and 1st in Israel

     Bioinformatics labs – Gur Yaari, Sol Efroni, Yoram Orenstein

     Vision – Gal Chechik, Director of Research Nvidia, Jacob Goldberger, Eytan Fetaya