Bar-Ilan University, as a world leader in the field of data science and artificial intelligence, has set itself the goal of advancing the field of data science across the university in all areas of research and education.  Data Science education at the university is provided in various departments, including Computer Science and Mathematics, Engineering, Brain Sciences, Information Systems and more offering a rich portfolio of data science courses. In addition, the university offers multiple data science programs in both undergraduate and graduate studies.

Data Science courses at Bar-Ilan University

For an interactive list of Data Science related courses see – Data Science Courses, Bar-Ilan University

Data Science Programs at Bar-Ilan University


Data science can be learned, among others, in the undergraduate degrees offered by the CS Department, the Math Department, the Faculty of Engineering and the Brain Research Center. The CS and Math departments undergraduate curriculums cover diverse subjects including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Optimization, Stochastic Processes, Natural Language Processing, Bioinformatics, and Databases. The Faculty of Engineering, under signal processing and bioengineering tracks offer Courses in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Optimization, Signal Processing, Stochastic Processes, Big Data, Bioinformatics and GPU programming, Python programming and applications. The Brain Research Center curriculum includes courses in Statistics, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

In addition, Bar-Ilan offers dedicated programs related to data science. Specifically, the Faculty of Life Sciences offers a BSc degree in Computational Biology & Bioinformatics and the Information Science Dept. offers a BA in Information Science.


Bar-Ilan offers multiple data science dedicated graduate programs in various departments. Including: