ERC Advanced Project — Researchers needed

Looking for researchers for an ERC Advanced Project entitled :

“Generating Voluntary Compliance Across Doctrines and Nations: Integrating the Behavioural and Regulatory Aspects of Governments’ Ability to Trust the Public’s Cooperation, Ethicality and Compliance”.

PI Prof. Yuval Feldman BIU Law Faculty

Short Description of the Project

The gains of enhancing the public’s intrinsically motivated voluntary compliance with regulations has made it an advantageous form of governance, as the recent Covid pandemic has demonstrated. However, without reliance on command and control regulation as well as coercion and sanctions is limited by the extent to which governments and regulators can trust the public voluntary cooperation without jeopardizing regulatory purposes and harming other social values. Identifying and analyzing the antecedents of effective and sustainable  and trust enhancing voluntary compliance across doctrines and countries can improve our theoretical understanding of the interaction between democratic governments and their residents, as well as evaluate the relative efficacy of the different behaviorally-based regulatory tools. The project attempts to develop a new model and methodologies that will facilitate a systematic comparison and subsequently predictions of the relative efficacy and legitimacy of voluntary compliance across different legal doctrines such as tax law, environmental law public health and commercial ethics. In addition, it will explore if and to what extent VC can be achieved across high and low trust countries and communities in Europe and beyond.

The project will be based on multiple methods including, surveys, experimental surveys, incentivized lab and online experiments, panel studies, cross sectional studies, econometric studies on governmental databases and text mining.

For this project we are looking for candidates with strong quantitative methodological backgrounds coming from disciplines such as statistics, economics, public policy, psychology and political sciences . There is a need for both junior researchers (e.g. MA) and more senior researchers (e.g. Postdocs)

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