List of DSI grant winners – TASHPAB

The competitive call received 20 submissions by 26 PIs from 13 Departments – demonstrating the broad and diverse reach of the DSI. 11 projects by 19 PIs were accepted and granted a total of 1,100,000₪ while generating many new collaborations.

The list of accepted grants:

Prof. Yoram Louzoun (Math)Prediction with very high fraction of missing data
Prof. Onn Shehory (Business Administration)Prediction and optimization of patient appointment lengths
Prof. Dan T. Major (Chemistry)Modeling Molecules in 3D using SE(3) Equivariant Self-Supervision Interaction Potentials
Dr. Alon Bartal (Business Administration)Identifying Novel Risk Factors for Childbirth-Related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by Analyzing Medical Records of Peripartum Women
Prof. Hillel Kugler (Engineering)Prof. Tomer Kalisky (Engineering)A toolset for predictive modeling of Gene Regulatory Networks in development and disease
Prof. Gur Yaari (Engineering)Dr. Ofir Lindenbaum (Engineering)Immune receptor sequence alignment using deep neural networks
Prof. Gil Ariel (Math)Dr. Emanuel A. Lazar (Math)Topological Data Analysis of Biological and Chemical Patterns
Prof. Michal Ben-Shachar (Linguistics)Dr. Yael Greenberg (Linguistics)Prof. Yoav Goldberg (Computer Science)Prediction, Expectation and Mirativity in Natural Language
Dr. Binyamin Knisbacher (Life Sciences)Prof. Shlomo Havlin (Physics)Studying heterogeneity in aging and cancer through single-cell gene expression networks
Dr. Amit Somech (Computer Science)Dr. Oren Glickman (Computer Science)Generating On-Demand Data Tables From Text
Prof. Simi Haber (Math)Prof. Reuven Cohen (Math)Reliability and flexibility of the power grid and other infrastructure networks
List of DSI grant winners – TASHPAB

Congrats to the winners and we are looking forward to learning about their progress in upcoming DSI dinner events. 

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