The BIU AI Machine Learning and Data Science Learning Club

The BIU AI machine learning (ML) and data science learning club aim at connecting researchers engaging in any type of ML (vision, NLP, speech, etc.) from BIU. Every week we will host researchers (mainly) from the Israeli academia and industry to further extend the knowledge of the members and to increase collaboration and innovation within BIU.

How to get information? There are several ways to get notified on learning club events:

  1. First, you are highly encouraged to join the learning club google group (link): learning-club-biu. Note that all announcements (either event-related or not) will be made there.
  2. Second, you may subscribe to the learning club google calendar: This will allow you to get exposed to all events and import them to your calendar.
  3. Third, all evets will appear on the DSI website under the learning club events page (link).

Location and Time. The meetings are held on Sundays at 12 PM IDT.  Exact details will be provided before each event.

Potential Lecturer? If you want to present your work in our learning club, please send an email to

Upcoming Talks:

(see here for calendar view)

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