Instructor for “NLP for legal-tech” course

Bar-Ilan law faculty is looking for an instructor to teach a new course on NLP for legal-tech in an MA program in legal studies which is directed to computer science and engineering graduates:

Core requirements

  • Ph.D. in computer science or related field ·
  • Strong NLP background
  • Ability to co-op with lectures from Bar-Ilan law faculty that will provide background on legal tech and how it is embedded in legal practice and user needs
  • Ability to co-op (and to initiate contact) with people from the legal tech industry.
    • Law people – customer perspective/needs, people who experienced legal tech
    • Legal-tech people – use cases from the industry

Course content

This is a new NLP course that will provide students the basic theoretical foundation of NLP techniques along with practical NLP usage in the legaltech context. Emphasis will be on hands-on exercises and examples drawing on legal texts (eg, statutes, case law).

Hebrew is highly desired – at least for some of the exercises.

Possible topics/examples to be included:

  • Classify/cluster similar judges
  • Extract citations
  • Classify patents to domains
  • Terms and conditions
  • Application of deep learning solutions
  • How AI + NLP models can deal with legal dilemmas


Course should be planned for 13 weeks * 2 hours;

Will be given in Spring 2020.



Prof Oren Perez:, Dean of the Faculty of Law at Bar-Ilan University

Dr. Oren Glickman: The Data Science Institute at Bar Ilan University.  

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