DSI Call for travel 2022 (תשפ”ב)

Call publication: May 15, 2022 


BIU DSI would like to enhance the visibility of data science research at BIU and to promote the education and career of young students. Therefore, we are opening this call to provide travel grants to encourage the active participation of students in top-tier scientific international events. Grants will be provided for authors of a novel scientific paper in major conferences primarily in the core DS areas. 

Call Details

Funding scope and duration

  • In this call the DSI has allocated a total budget of up to 100K ILS for this purpose, within the following limitations:
    • Up to 7K for a trip to the Americas/Far East/Australia
    • Up to 4K for EMEA 
  • The funds will be available for travel that will take place until the end of 2022. 
  • The call will be continuously open until the budget is exhausted. Generally, the proposals will be evaluated on a “first come first served” basis. At any point in time the DSI might “freeze” the allocation for some time, to keep budget for travel to events later in the year.
  • Proposals will be evaluated by a committee assigned by the DSI. 

Eligibility criteria

  • Venue must be a top-tier core data-science venue. Accepted venues include:
    • ML: NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, MLSP 
    • Vision: CVPR, ICCV, ECCV
    • Data Mining: KDD, CIKM, PKDD, ICDM 
    • Audio & Speech:  ICASSP, EUSIPCO, Interspeech, WASPAA, ASRU
    • Web: WWW, SIGIR, WSDM
    • Others: based on committee’s approval of similar prominence to those in the list
  • The call is open to all BIU research students of DSI Members:
    • An applying student needs to be an active registered BIU student or PostDoc.
    • A DSI Faculty Member must be an advisor of the applicant, and should support the application.
  • Up to 3 granted awards for applications supported by the same advisor
  • No more than one award per student. 
  • Grants are eligible only to authors of a main venue paper.
  • Budget limitations apply per paper/publication – in the case of multiple authors of a paper who are applying to the grant.

Submission Guidelines

  • The proposal should be submitted by a student, signed and supported by the advisor.
  • Response will be given within 3 weeks of submitting the request. If the travel grant is approved, a budget number will be provided for the Bar-Ilan travel application form, with the allocated amount.
  • Submit request as soon as possible after receiving the conference acceptance notice (and in any case up to 3 weeks before submitting the travel approval form to the Gizbarut, to allow inclusion of the respective budget item for the travel grant).

Each proposal should include the following information, using the attached template file:

  1. The publication details: Name of Venue, title of talk, abstract and names of co-authors 
  2. Abstract 
  3. Acceptance approval 
  4. Travel dates (travel must take place during 2022)
  5. Rough budget plan: 
    1. Total Budget – itemized
    2. Indicate amount requested from DSI.
    3. List of other funding sources (if applicable).  
  6. Names and Signatures of applicant and advisor

The proposal should be submitted to the Bar-Ilan Data Science Institute dsi@biu.ac.il.    


  • Call open for continuous submission till the end of 2022, for trips incurred in 2022. 
  • Process will follow the standard travel report process at BIU (including submitting the post-travel report for reimbursement).   

For any questions contact: dsi@biu.ac.il

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