DSI 2020 Call for Research Corona Grants – List of Accepted Corona Grants

Prof. Hanoch Senderowitz

Implementation and Application of a Deep-Docking platform for the Identification of Drug Compounds Targeting the main Cov-2 Proteins

NIS 21,000

Dr. Milana Frenkel-Morgenstern

Text mining and 3D molecular modelling to identify antiviral and anti-pneumonia drugs in order to fight COVID19 viral infection

NIS 15,000

Prof. Yoram Louzoun

Network and learning based estimates of epidemics spread in inhomogeneous populations

NIS 18,000

Dr. Simi Haber 

Dr. Baruch Barzel

COVID-19. Viral spread on temporal social networks

NIS 20,000

Prof. Reuven Cohen

Dr. Simi Haber

Efficient Quarantine in Social Networks

NIS 24,000

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