Prof. Reuven Cohen

Understanding and improving network topology and stability.


Topology stability and function of complex networks.

Optimization problems in geometry and on graphs.

Random graphs models and percolation.


Reuven Cohen and Shlomo Havlin | “Complex Networks: Structure, Robustness and Function” | Cambridge University Press | 2010

Reuven Cohen, Keren Erez, Daniel ben-Avraham and Shlomo Havlin | “Resilience of the Internet to Random Breakdowns” | Physical Review Letters 85, 4626 | 2000

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Michal Yemini, Anelia Somekh-Baruch, Reuven Cohen and Amir Leshem | “Simultaneous connectivity in heterogeneous cognitive radio networks” | IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), 1262-1266  | 2016


Static and dynamical properties of complex networks: topology, stability and function.

Design and analysis of immunization and strengthening strategies for complex networks.

Social and technological network structure analysis.

Geometric location and path optimization problems.

Ad hoc networks: structure and algorithms.