Oracle for Research

Oracle Israel is working with Bar-Ilan University in order to create a research community that brings about positive change in the world by advancing research through cloud computing.

Oracle approaches this through a program of direct support and community engagement. Direct Support is achieved through the provision of Oracle for Research grants. 

The program provides the following benefits:

  • A simple and fast grant request process 
  • Provision of sufficient Credits in Oracle Cloud to run the research program. (The Credits can be used freely across all platform and infrastructure services e.g.  GPUs, HPC clusters including RDMA Networking,  Research friendly technology such as Oracle Autonomous Database)
  • End to end support by both local and global Oracle resources assisting with Cloud and Research related topics:
  • Collaborative marketing and signal boosting around published papers, media releases and services. 
  • Research institute / academic retains all IP rights. 
  • Open Data: Hosting and optimisation of large public and reference data sets. 
  • Open source tooling: Investments in tooling and automation to make these data sets more useful.
  • Connections: Building and supporting communities of practice to take these tools and data forwards to solve some real world issues.

Happy to start with you- please contact Noam Nudelman – IT BIU. <>

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