List of DSI grant winners – TASHPA

In Tashpa the Data Science Institute circulated a call to its members for data science projects.  

The competitive call received submissions by 46 PIs from 21 Departments.  14 projects by 21 PIs were accepted and granted a total of 900,000₪. The list of accepted grants:

Primary PIPI2Title
Dr. Dana AtzilRevealing Verbal and Non-Verbal Signals of Positive Change in the Treatment of Depression via Multimodal Machine Learning
Prof. Hanoch SenderowitzProf. Leonid Eidelman*Using machine learning to predict post-surgical complications from changes in element composition in different surgical cohorts
Dr. Mor MitraniAn NLP-based platform for studying international relations
Prof. Oren PerezDr. Milana Frenkel-MorgensternOptimizing the Realization of Legal Rights by Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients Using AI
Prof. Ilanit GordonDr. Ronny BartschPredicting team-development from social affect regulation through the analysis of physiological networks
Prof. Michal AlbersteinDr. Avshalom ElmalechData-driven MultiDoor Conflict Resolution-based Recommendation System
Prof. Sarit KrausDr. Eliran HalaliAI for Explaining Decisions in Multi-Agent Environments (XMASE)
Dr. Elana Zion GolumbicWhen human neurophysiology meets NLP: Deciphering the neural code for understanding real-life Hebrew speech
Dr. Rose StampDr. Svetlana Dachkovsky*The First Comparative Corpus of Emotional Displays by Deaf & Hearing people
Dr. Yaakov MamanPredictive tool for antigen receptors’ gene usage perturbation in the population
Dr. Ariel RosenfeldLidia Izakson*Major Depressive Disorder Prognosis Prediction: Data, Clinical Insights and Application
Prof. Shay Ben-AroyaProf. Erez LevanonDeciphering and Harnessing A-To-I RNA Editing Architecture for Correction of Autism-Causing Mutations
Prof. Amir LeshemProf. David SarneCollaborative multi-agent Learning in communication limited environments and applications
Dr. Adam ZaidelExplaining brain heterogeneity of perceptual inference through personality traits and network properties


Congrats to the winners and we are looking forward to learning about their progress in upcoming DSI dinner events. 

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