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Digital Governance in the Times of Covid-19

February 17, 2021 - February 18, 2021

בשבוע הבא, ב-17-18 בפברואר יתקיים כנס בינלאומי בנושא Digital Governance in the Times of Covid-19. מצ”ב תוכנית הכנס. נשמח שתצטרפו אלינו. שימו לב שיש להירשם מראש כאן.

בנוסף, רבים מכם וודאי יתעניינו בספר חדש שזמין כעת באופן מקוון דרך הספריה:
Legal Informatics (D. M. Katz et al. ed., Cambridge University Press) (2021)

ניתן לגשת לספר בקישור הזה (דורש הזדהות Athens), לנוחותכם תוכן העניינים:

· Part I: Introduction to Legal Informatics

1. 1.1Motivation and Rationale for this Book

Michael J. Bommarito II, Daniel Martin Katz, and Ron Dolin

2. 1.2Technology Issues in Legal Philosophy

Ron Dolin

3. 1.3The Origins and History of Legal Informatics

Michael J. Bommarito II

· Part II: Legal Informatics: Building Blocks and Core Concepts

1. A.Information Representation, Preprocessing, and Document Assembly

1. 2.1Representation of Legal Information

Katie Atkinson

2. 2.2Information Intermediation

Ron Dolin

3. 2.3Preprocessing Data

Michael J. Bommarito II

4. 2.4XML in Law: The Role of Standards in Legal Informatics

Ron Dolin

5. 2.5Document Automation

Marc Lauritsen

2. B.Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Blockchain

1. 2.6AI + Law: An Overview

Daniel Martin Katz

2. 2.7Machine Learning and Law

Daniel Martin Katz and John J. Nay

3. 2.8Natural Language Processing for Legal Texts

John J. Nay

4. 2.9Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptography

Nelson M. Rosario

3. C.Process Improvement, Gamification, and Design Thinking

1. 2.10Legal Informatics-Based Technology in Broader Workflows

Kenneth A. Grady

2. 2.11Gamification of Work and Feedback Systems

Stephanie Kimbro

3. 2.12Introduction to Design Thinking for Law

Margaret Hagan

4. D.Evaluation

1. 2.13Measuring Legal Quality

Ron Dolin

· Part III Use Cases in Legal Informatics

1. A.Contracts and Patents

1. 3.1Contract Analytics

Noah Waisberg

2. 3.2Contracts as Interfaces: Visual Representation Patterns in Contract Design

Helena Haapio and Stefania Passera

3. 3.3Distributed Ledgers, Cryptography, and Smart Contracts

Nina Gunther Kilbride

4. 3.4Patent Analytics: Information from Innovation

Andrew W. Torrance and Jevin D. West

2. B.Litigation and E-discovery

1. 3.5The Core Concepts of E-discovery

Jonathan Kerry-Tyerman and A. J. Shankar

2. 3.6Predictive Coding in E-discovery and the NexLP Story Engine

Irina Matveeva

3. 3.7Examining Public Court Data to Understand and Predict Bankruptcy Case Results

Warren E. Agin

3. C.Legal Research, Government Data, and Access to Legal Information

1. 3.8Fastcase, and the Visual Understanding of Judicial Precedents

Ed Walters and Jeff Asjes

2. 3.9Mining Information from Statutory Texts in a Public Health Domain

Kevin D. Ashley

3. 3.10Gov2Vec: A Case Study in Text Model Application to Government Data

John J. Nay

4. 3.11Representation and Automation of Legal Information

Katie Atkinson

4. D.Dispute Resolution and Access to Justice

1. 3.12Online Dispute Resolution

Dave Orr and Colin Rule

2. 3.13Access to Justice and Technology: Reaching a Greater Future for Legal Aid

Ronald W. Staudt and Alexander F. A. Rabanal

3. 3.14Designing Legal Experiences: Online Communication and Resolution in Courts

Maximilian A. Bulinski and J. J. Prescott

· Part IV: Legal Informatics in the Industrial Context

1. A.Challenges Facing Innovation in Law

1. 4.1Adaptive Innovation: The Innovator’s Dilemma in Big Law

Ron Dolin and Thomas Buley

2. 4.2Legal Data Access

Christine Bannan

2. B.Large Firm and Corporate Legal Informatics Case Studies

1. 4.3A History of Knowledge Management at Littler Mendelson

Scott Rechtschaffen

2. 4.4Legal Operations at Google

Mary O’Carroll and Stephanie Kimbro

המשך יום נעים,

Dr. Keren Yalin-Mor
Post-Doctoral Fellow and Lab Manager
LawData Lab
Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Law


February 17, 2021
February 18, 2021
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