Prof. Roy Gelbard

Everything Flows yet is Traceable – I explore this aspect in the context of data mining as well in the context of software projects.


Multi Algorithm Voting for better Segmentation. Multi Algorithm Voting (MAV) is a decision support method and tool, enables presentation, comparison and evaluation of multi-algorithm outputs derived from widely diverse algorithms.

Cluster Evolution Analysis. Cluster analysis is often performed at a specific point in time, without taking into account previous cluster analysis products. Cluster Evolution Analysis proposes a model that addresses three phenomena likely to occur over time: 1) changes in the number of clusters; 2) changes in cluster characteristics; 3) between-cluster migration of objects.

Dynamic Updating of Classifier Rules via Small Memory Buffers. In big data environment, training of a classifier cannot use “brute-force-processing” (in real-time nor off-line). For this purpose we propose a method and a system for an ongoing updating of classification rules based on incremental processing of “dynamic “samples” stored in the small memory buffers.


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Knowledge Sharing Analytic – The Case of IT Workers

Sentiment Analysis in Organizational Work – Toward an Ontology of People Analytics