Dr. Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov

Can computers learn to analyze constitutional deliberations and help explore the constitutional dialogue between courts and legislatures?



General research interests include constitutional law and constitutional theory, legislation, regulation and legisprudence. Much of my research is at the intersection of these areas, with particular focus on the relationships between courts (and judicial review) and legislatures (and the legislative process).
Research interests related to DS.

My research interests interact with DS in two major ways:
1. Employing DS methods for empirical legal studies, particularly computer-based content-analysis methods for analyzing legislative debates. I’m currently especially interested in employing supervised machine learning methods for exploring constitutional deliberations in the legislative process, and the extent that judicial review impacts these deliberations.

2. Exploring the legal and ethical regulation of big data and of the various uses of DS. For example, I’m currently interested in exploring how various regulatory schemes in different countries impact the terms of service offered by various cell-phone applications in those countries.


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Other publications available at: https://papers.ssrn.com


The Impact of Judicial Review of the Legislative Process on Legislative Behavior (ISF grant No. 1435/15)

Dysfunctional Constitutional Dialogue? The Impact of Judicial Review on Constitutional Debates in the Legislative Processes of the Prevention of Infiltration Acts (Israel Institute Research Grant No. 20098)

An Empirical Study on Temporary Legislation in Israel (Minerva Grant)

Semiprocedural Judicial Review and Constitutional Debate in Legislatures: A Comparative Empirical Study (GIF Grant No. I-2482-103.4/2017)