Prof. Judit Bar-Ilan

Affiliated with the Department of Information Science
Major research interests: informetrics and information retrieval, user studies


Twitter followers of research bloggers

Database coverage. Overlap between databases, data sources and aggregators

Scientific misconduct. Retractions. Bias. Peer review

Longitudinal trends. Growth in number of publications, citations, altmetric signals

Law journals: peer reviewed vs. student edited journals

Social media: Both academic and general


Bar-Ilan, J. | Which h-index? – A comparison of WoS, Scopus and Google Scholar. | Scientometrics, 74(2), 257-271 | 2008
Bar-Ilan, J., & Halevi, G. | Post retraction citations in context: a case study. | Scientometrics, 1-19 | 2017
Bar-Ilan, J., & Peritz, B. | The lifespan of “informetrics” on the Web: An eight year study (1998–2006) | Scientometrics, 79(1), 7-25 | 2008
Shema, H., Bar-Ilan, J., & Thelwall, M. | Research blogs and the discussion of scholarly information. PloS one, 7(5), e35869 | 2012
Bar‐Ilan, J., Keenoy, K., Levene, M., & Yaari, E.| Presentation bias is significant in determining user preference for search results – A user study. | Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 60(1), 135-149 | 2009


Law journals: peer reviewed vs. student edited.
Longitudinal analysis of journal publications in the social sciences and in the humanities from multiple aspects.
Women in Academia.