Dr. Yael Amsterdamer

Databases, data management on the Internet and in online databases, data collection, data management through mass outsourcing.



The development of theoretical tools and algorithms for the management of data on the Web, and specifically in crowdsourcing, data mining and information extraction.


1. PODIUM: Procuring Opinions from Diverse Users in a Multi-Dimensional World
Yael Amsterdamer and Oded Goldreich.
CIKM 2017.
2. Interactive Abstractive Summarization for Event News Tweets
Ori Shapira, Hadar Ronen, Meni Adler, Yael Amsterdamer, Judit Bar-Ilan and Ido Dagan.
EMNLP 2017.
3. Crowd Mining and Analysis
Yael Amsterdamer and Tova Milo.
Encyclopedia of Database Systems, L Liu, MT Özsu (eds.), Springer New York, NY, 2017.
4. Top-k Queries on Unknown Values under Order Constraints
Antoine Amarilli, Yael Amsterdamer, Tova Milo and Pierre Senellart.
ICDT 2017.
5. December: A Declarative Tool for Crowd Member Selection
Yael Amsterdamer, Tova Milo, Amit Somech and Brit Youngman
PVLDB 9(13): 1485-1488, 2016.


Querying and Exploring Knowledge Bases.
Personal Information Management and Sharing.