Dr. Hillel Kugler

  • Formal Verification and Synthesis
  • Visual Languages
  • Biological Computation
  • Developmental Biology



My research interests are in modeling and analyzing complex systems (including biological systems and reactive software) using formal reasoning and synthesis methods. I am also interested in the application of visual languages to model the behavior of reactive systems. I work on development of new computational methods and tools towards enabling a deeper understanding of biological computation.


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4. Y. Shavit, B. Yordanov, S-J. Dunn, C.M. Wintersteiger, Y. Hamadi, and H. Kugler, Switching Gene Regulatory Networks, in 10th International Conference on Information Processing in Cells and Tissues (IPCAT 2015), Springer, September 2015.
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I am currently looking for talented and highly motivated students and postdocs for several new projects in the areas of Formal Verification of Software and Hardware Systems, Reasoning about Deep Learning, Autonomous Vehicle Protocols, Design of novel Biological Computing Devices, Computational methods to study Stem Cells and Developmental Biology.