Dr. Alon Raviv

Research Interests:

Risk Management, Banking, Corporate Finance and Financial Stability.



Risk Management, Banking, Corporate Finance and Financial Stability


1. “The Effect of Liquidity on Non-Marketable Securities”, 2018, (with Menachem Abudy and Hadar Binsky), Financial Research Letters, Accepted.
2. “Heterogeneous beliefs and the choice between private restructuring and formal bankruptcy”, 2017, (with Pascal Francois), North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 41, 156-167.
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5. “Bank stability and market discipline: The effect of contingent capital on risk taking and default probability”, 2014 (with Jens Hilscher), Journal of Corporate Finance (Corporate Finance Theory Special Issue), 29, 542-560. Eastern Finance Association Outstanding Paper in Financial Institutions


1. “Inflating away the public – an empirical assessment”, with Jens Hilscher (UC Davis) and Ricardo Reis (Columbia University), NBER working paper No. 20339, July, 2014. Presentation: AEA 2014 annual meeting, EFA 2015, WFA 2017.
2. “How much is your central bank worth?”, with Jens Hilscher (UC Davis) and Ricardo Reis (Columbia University). Presentations: SED 2016 annual meeting.
3. “The 2007-2009 Financial Crisis and executive compensation: an analysis and a proposal for a novel structure”, with Yoram Landskroner, NYU working paper, No. FIN-09-03. Presented at the AFFI 2012 annual meeting.
4. “Optimal regulation, executive compensation and risk taking and by financial institutions”, with Jens Hilscher (UC Davis) and Yoram Landskroner. Presented at the FIRS 2016 annual meeting.
5. “The Risk Spiral – The Effects of Bank Capital and Diversification on Risk Taking”, with Sharon Peleg (TAU).