Data Science Programs at Bar-Ilan University


Data science education is provided within several undergraduate programs, not as a dedicated BSc data science program. Specifically:

  • The CS and Math departments: Courses cover diverse subjects including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Optimization, Stochastic Processes, Natural Language Processing, Bioinformatics, and Databases.
  • The Faculty of Engineering, under signal processing and bioengineering tracks:  Courses in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Optimization, Signal Processing, Stochastic Processes, Big Data, Bioinformatics and GPU programming, Python programming and applications.
  • The Brain Research Center: The curriculum includes courses in statistics, data analysis, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.
  • The Faculty of Life Sciences offers a BSc degree in Computational Biology & Bioinformatics.
  • The Information Science Dept. offers a BA in Information Science.


  • The Computer Science and Math departments offer an MSc program in data science.
  • The Faculty of Engineering offers an MSc program in data science and information processing.
  • The information science department offers MA in Information Science and Information Technology.
  • The Brain research program for MSc and PhD offers a chain of 4 DS courses including statistics, data analysis ML, SP and advanced data analysis.
  • The Faculty of Life Sciences offers a Computational Biology & Bioinformatics MSc degree.
  • The MBA program offers a specialization in information systems.